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FALAMA is proud to be the first pioneer to apply BCT to dietary supplement product development. Researched and developed by internationally acclaimed research institute, with the exclusive use of the three patented technologies Breakthrough of the BBB, BCT and SA5 active transmembrane, these have been internationally accredited to guarantee its superior technology and excellent quality, to help you become the market winner!

R & D Record

Health is the source of happiness and the foundation of all things

FALAMA is at the forefront of the international stage for dietary supplement technology. FALAMA understands the needs of consumers and pays close attention to the market orientation. FALAMA provides solutions that have gone through not only research and development by our senior scientists and elite team but also numerous rigorous scientific tests. FALAMA is leading the industry with three outstanding technologies: Breakthrough of the BBB, BCT and SA5 active transmembrane. We have currently developed mature formulas for the elderly and women series to satisfy the full range of your product tactical planning.

Collaboration Record

Recruiting long-term strategic partners

FALAMA commits to the implementation of the concept of partnership - the three major competitive advantages, namely the use of technology sharing, formula sharing and patent sharing, so that partners can differentiate themselves from heterogeneous competitors. FALAMA fully supports partners’ strategic deployment to create a new winning blue ocean.

Technological Difference

Technological Difference Drives Long Term Sustainable Sale

FALAMA utilizes technological difference to help partners to gain a firm grip of the market. This not only allows partners to gain great ground for developing new customer base but also has the ability to wake up sleeping customers to enable long term sustainable repurchase and drive sales growth.

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